Parenting Journey


About the Parenting Journey™

The Parenting Journey™ is a 12-session curriculum designed for parents who want to be supported in learning more about themselves as parents, about their relationships, their strengths, and the resources and skills they need to effectively parent their children. In a warm and nurturing environment, parents are supported and encouraged to care for themselves, and each other, while participating in a series of experiential exercises and activities.
Parenting styles are influenced by one's past; by one's whole family; and by the cultural, social, and economic circumstances in which families find themselves. Building on the idea that adults must learn to nurture themselves before they can nurture their children, the Parenting Journey™ program emphasizes the experience of the parent as a person, as opposed to the parent in a disciplinary relationship with their children. As parents come together and explore what did or didn't work in their experience of being parented while they were growing up, they can begin to make conscious choices about the way they want to successfully parent their children.
 From the Parenting Journey™ Website
Group Member Requirements
      • Over the age of 18
      • Parent or Legal Guardian of any age or number of children
      • Willingness to participate fully in the group process
      • Receiving professional therapeutic services and willing to provide consent for exchange of information
      • Completed intake and assessment with group facilitator