Postpartum Support Group

A key risk factor in the development of Postpartum Mood Disorders is the lack of a sufficent support system.  Joining a support group that offers empathy and skill building can greatly reduce the isolation and shame often associated with these disorders.

This is a therapeutic group for women suffering during postpartum.  All members must also have the support and supervision of a therapist either at this center or be willing to sign a release in order for the group leader to contact therapist. 
There are four components to this group.
  • Online support so that members and the leader can connect outside of group times. 
  • 2 monthly group meetings for therapeutic topics and discussion.
  • 1 monthly social/activity meeting to develop group cohesion.
  • Journaling to track daily progress.
Infants are welcome to attend group meetings but children over the age of 1 are asked not to attend therapy meetings in order for members to share openly and children not to experience emotional distress.
Due to the therapeutic nature of this group there is a fee associated with membership.  4 annual payments of $250.  Members are asked to remain active in the group for a minimum of 3 months in order to create safety and confidence amongst members.